High Performance Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching 

Leadership is defined by James Kouzes and Barry Posner as “the ability to get others to want to do that which you’re convinced needs to happen.”  Leadership is about influencing and enrolling.  It’s about inspiring and motivating.   Brene Brown describes it as being about developing people.  Similar to parenting, leadership is about working yourself out of a job, supporting and empowering your team to lean on each other rather than on you, enabling you to elevate your focus and leverage your unique line of sight as the leader.

Leadership is an inside job

These elements of leadership listed above are often more of a lagging indicator of the work that gets done internally.   At Elder Development Group, we partner with leaders to unpack current mindsets, narratives, beliefs, and practices that may have served the client in the past but no longer do so, given who s/he is today and the leader they want to become.  We uncover and explore the client’s newest, most powerful version of themself and anchor that version of self in the present.  

A challenge for leaders in this work is to build their ability to be accurate observers of themselves in the present moment, to develop ongoing self-awareness or mindfulness of who they are being and how they are being in their lives, the impact they generate, what they own and what they don’t own.   They uncover blind spots, tackle obstacles, make new choices, develop powerful ways of looking at themselves and others and take on new, effective behaviors, skills, and practices.  They work toward what fulfills them, what brings them joy, and what enables them to be a high-performing leader.


The ability to get others to want to do what you’re convinced needs to happen.

Thank you!

Thank you for all I learned in the work over the last couple of months due to your insight, compassion, dedication, effort and energy. Your ability to teach self-compassion, change and personal growth/development makes you a special and immensely valuable person in this world. 
I want to thank you for that.
Director, Medical Affairs


Our approach…

Our approach to the journey of leadership coaching is comprised of 7 steps which typically unfold over a 10 – 12 month time frame


Setting the table

This initial conversation is to connect and get to know one another, determine fit, get clear on the ‘why’, get clear on the destination and align on the path forward.


360-Assessment Interviews

We conduct in-depth interviews to uncover how others see you, your perceived strengths, challenges and requests.


Review of the 360-Summary

We sit down to ensure understanding, make sense of the feedback, and discover potential blind spots.


Generate a development plan

Based on the insights from the feedback, we determine the work needed ahead that will enable you to be successful,


Coaching Sessions

We meet 2-3 times per month using the development plan as the trail map.



About 8 months after the initial assessment, we conduct another series of interviews with same stakeholders to determine areas of success and of opportunity for even greater effectiveness


Completion of this journey and the next one begins!

We bring the coaching to a close, get clear on your path forward, and leverage all that you have gathered in this journey to fully live your adventure.

Early in my leadership journey, Pete was instrumental in helping me find my own leadership style. He helped me move on to increasingly senior roles in the organization- to a critical business unit leader, then into the position of regional president, a role I would not have been ready for without his support. The leadership coaching has enabled me to continually reach higher heights at work while simultaneously creating a balanced and happy life.
Regional President

When we first met, I asked you the question, “Are you here to help me to be more effective at this organization or determine if my best move would be to leave the company?” Your answer was a simple “Yes”. What a wake-up call! Over the next few months, we completed a formal process that provided me with several tools for success. And you are the first consultant that made a long and lasting impact in my 30-year career. Polymer scientist
Polymer scientist

Let the adventure begin!

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