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Pete Elder

Pete Elder


One of the most valuable assets an organization needs in order to operate at its fullest potential is its high performing leaders and teams. Unfortunately, so many leaders and CEOs are scratching their heads wondering how to get there. 
Pete Elder understands more than most that high-performing leaders and teams don’t happen by accident– they are cultivated and refined through accountability, strong values, and hands-on guidance.

Not only that, building strong leadership requires a coach that walks the talk and sets an example of leadership both professionally and personally. 

Committed to helping organizations

Since 1987 Pete has helped individual leaders and teams realize their full potential within a diverse variety of organizations. Past and current clients can sense how deeply committed he is to helping organizations- not only get the tangible results they want from their work- but also operate in a way that delivers the fulfillment and impact they desire while making a positive difference in the world. 
Pete’s coaching style has been described as professional, caring, dedicated, and flexible but firm when needed. One of his gifts is identifying blindspots and limitations you may not even be aware of. Carefully crafting a solid strategy that meets you or your team where you are and elevates you to a new level, enabling teams to tap into their collective capability fully. His favorite part about the work he does is when it clicks for people, and they wake up to the contribution they bring and see the formidable beings they truly are.

Helping companies of all sizes

Past clients include individuals ranging from senior leadership positions to mid-level leaders and teams, ranging from departmental to global leadership teams. He has worked with a wide range of Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, and non-profit organizations in the United States and abroad.  He has also worked with teams and leaders within consumer products companies and pharmaceutical, hospitality, health care, and financial organizations. 

Pete holds a master’s degree in Organizational Management from Antioch University as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Theater Arts from Susquehanna University.  He is committed to lifelong learning and has been active in the Organization Development Network of New York, especially in the area of Business and Social Responsibility, and as an active participant in social justice and environmental advocacy for over 30 years. He has participated in numerous courses at the National Training Lab, such as the Wier Lab and Advanced Consulting Skills.  He has done coursework in Somatic Leadership with the Rancho Strozzi Institute, advanced coursework with The Coaches Training Institute, and is certified to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Firo B, and the Insights System.

When he is not supporting and guiding his clients to be the best teams and leaders they can be you’ll find Pete with his wife, Martha, and their two sons, hiking and biking in the woods surrounding their New York country home, meditating, and actively participating in their local CSA. 

Pete is a proud first-degree black belt in Jui Jitsu and in his free time he volunteers at Second Chance Foods, where his wife is the executive director.

He is also on the steering committee of Sustainable Putnam, a grassroots community action group focusing on reducing the carbon footprint and environmental degradation within Putnam County, NY.

More about Pete


  • M.A. in Organizational Management from Antioch University 
  • B.A. in Psychology and Theater Arts from Susquehanna University.


  • Self-Differentiation Lab with NTL 
  • Advanced Consulting Skills with NTL
  • Somatic Leadership with the Rancho Strozzi Institute, 
  • Advanced coursework with The Coaches Training Institute
  • Semester in the Rockies with the National Outdoor Leadership School
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